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What is efashionia?

efashionia is a price comparison based shopping guide. Our website is- . We work on Fashion, Apparel, Jewelry, Cosmetics and other Beauty Care products. efashionia helps you to compare prices among thousands of online stores. So you can choose the best deal for you from thousands of online competitors. You can use efashionia to compare prices for Fashion and beauty care products only.

What is a Price Comparison Website?

Price comparison website is a platform that can help a buyer to compare prices among thousands of online stores. Merchants advertise their products in this type of platforms for making some sales. When a buyer searches for something on this type of platform they get many stores on the same platform offering the same product at different prices. So, a buyer easily compare prices of a product among those online stores and can find out the best deal for him/her.

Why should a buyer use efashionia?

A buyer should use efashionia if he/she is interested in buying a fashion and beauty care related product. Also, he should have an interest in comparing prices among thousands of online stores to find out the best deal for him/her. efashionia is a platform where a buyer can find many online stores on the same page. So a buyer can easily improve his online shopping experience by using efashionia.

Why should a merchant advertise his/her products on efashionia?

efashionia is a platform where a merchant can make extra sales. efashionia has a large number of visitors every day who want to buy something. When a visitor searches for something on our website we show the best match products from all of our listed merchants, especially who are selling the same products. After comparing prices for that product we forward the visitor to the merchant's website. efashionia assures a merchant the competitive conversion rate always. So obviously advertising in efashionia is worth money for the merchants.

What kind of information efashionia collects from an online store?

efashionia uses modern search engine technology to crawl product information like Title, URL, Image URL, Price from merchant's websites. Our main goal is to provide the most accurate result according to the search. We normally collect data from the merchant's authorized data feed. But, sometimes our system directly crawls product information from the merchant's website. Please note we never crawl any confidential information from merchant's websites.

Does efashionia save user’s personal information?

efashionia only saves merchant's contact information like Name, Email, Phone Number etc. We do that for our registered merchants only. Because we use that information to contact our merchants. Also, we save the contact information of our subscribed users. We regularly send notifications to those subscribed users. 

Please remember that we never ask you for any confidential information like credit card information or bank information. So, please be aware of it. We only save your contact information for our personal use only. We never publish/forward your information to others without your permission.

Does efashionia maintain a strong Privacy Policy?

efashionia believes in user safety. We always try to ensure the smooth user experience with the highest user safety. efashionia is always against all kinds of scamming and other cyber crimes. This website has its own Privacy Policy for protecting a user from all kinds of scam and others misunderstanding. We always suggest you read our Privacy Policy before using our website. Hope, both of us can make this platform more safer for a hassle free shopping experience.

What is payment policy of efashionia?

Please visit our Payment Procedure page to know more about our payment policy. Please be aware that if you want to file a refund request, you have 7 days from your payment date to get a full refund.

Is this website safe for children?

We never publish any adult contents on this website. That’s why we have no age restriction for using this website. But we suggest not to use this website for the children below 13 years.

Is efashionia responsible for any wrong information?

efashionia is a price comparison based shopping guide. We never sell any products directly or we have no own products that we can publish on this website. We collect product information from third party merchant's websites/ data feed. So, we are not responsible for any wrong information (wrong product Title, Description, Image or Price). We update our information minimum two/ three times in a week to provide you the most accurate search experience. efashionia has the full right to edit/delete or update something on this website without any prior information.

How can a user reach us?

Feel free to contact us if you have any issues. Our dedicated Customer Service Team is waiting for 24/7 days for your nice response. You can reach us via Email or Live Chat. Also, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, Pinterest or on our others social channels to stay connected with us. Please click on Contact Us to reach us directly.


All the information on this website is crawled from the merchant's website. This website is not responsible for any wrong information like product’s Title, URL, Image URL, Price. efashionia has the full rights to edit, delete or change anything in this website without any prior notice. 

Please immediately Contact Us if you face any issues by using this website.